Trapeze Novus SchedulePlus is launched


Trapeze Group has launched Novus SchedulePlus, a next-generation bus scheduling solution that it has developed in collaboration with “a group of expert schedulers”.

The special interest group worked throughout 2019 on the design of Trapeze Novus SchedulePlus.

It is a cloud-based system that has been designed around the requirements of expert schedulers.

Its purpose is to create a tool that enables those individuals to schedule in the most optimal way and as quickly as possible.

Scheduling Solutions Manager Gavin John, a scheduler of 20 years’ standing, led the group. It brought together 10 schedulers with a total of over 300 years’ experience.

He says: “Efficient scheduling must be a combination of human expertise and a technology solution that enables planners to work as effectively as possible.

“I am proud that our group has been able to deliver a technology solution that will change the future of bus scheduling. The group and I are continuing to design and develop the software based on changes in the market.”

That work will capture the integration of Novus SchedulePlus with Trapeze’s Duty Allocation System product.