Unicard launches multimodal ticketing solution with Amdocs

unicard and amdocs dockless bike

Smart transport solutions provider Unicard has announced the launch of a multimodal tap-in, tap-out account-based ticketing (ABT) system through a collaboration with software provider Amdocs.

The system gives passengers a “tap-in, tap-out” function for paying across multiple modes of transport, including bus, tram, rail, dockless bikes and e-scooters. It also allows for multi-operator ticketing. Its aim is to “remove friction” when switching between one mode of travel to another, while providing real-time payment and charging updates.

Unicard’s ABT system is supported by Amdocs’ cloud-based payment platform. It supports contactless travel by using smart tickets, smart cards, or digital wallets. Being cloud-based and running on Amazon Web Services and as part of Amdocs’ suits of digital brands means new transport services can be added and integrated.

The solution will be rolled out first to UK passengers first, through partnerships with city regions, local authorities and other bodies.

“Public transport is changing rapidly and Unicard is well placed to support the rollout of more diverse and sustainable integrated networks, particularly with the uptake of new modes of transport including dockless bikes and electric vehicles,” says Unicard CEO Sean Dickinson. “Amdocs, with its global expertise in automation and customer experience, was the ideal partner to help us build this type of solution. This is the latest innovation from our portfolio of solutions designed to make public transport much more affordable and accessible.”

Adds Anthony Goonetilleke, Group President of Technology and Head of Strategy at Amdocs: “We’re pleased to partner with Unicard to deliver this important initiative, which promotes sustainable and flexible travel options alongside a frictionless customer experience.”