UrbanThings Bus Back Better webinar to unite industry stakeholders

UrbanThings, in partnership with Landor LINKS, is to host a free webinar on Friday 26 November discussing how stakeholders can unite to deliver the government’s Bus Back Better ambitions.

The webinar will cover topics such as integration of technology and Mobility as a Service in a wider context, as well as how to better achieve partnership working between multiple operators and local authorities.

In particular the event hopes to ensure cities and local authorities have use of systems to produce a better quality service for passengers, including the gathering of data across different technology.

“There’s still a little bit of friction in terms of people not understanding how they can work together to try and deliver Bus Back Better,” says UrbanThings Business Development Manager Chloe Johns. “Everyone needs to know it has to happen, and that’s the way we’re going, but this webinar hopes to give a little bit more insight. Operators and local authorities have now put their Bus Service Improvement Plans applications in, but we want to really to get the ball rolling and show that we as an industry need to work together in order to improve many of the existing systems.”

The event will be hosted by UrbanThings Bids and Technical Sales Manager Guy Sutherland. “Mr Sutherland brings a background in Software as a Service fare collection technology and has a passion for finding innovative ways of using technology to empower riders with easier simpler journeys through MaaS,” adds Ms Johns. “For the last three years, he has been delivering city and region-wide projects which tie together local mobility options and passenger applications alongside analytics tools for local authorities to understand the way their passengers travel.”

The webinar will take place at 1030hrs on Friday 26 November and can be booked now.