WebTicketManager has developed a COVID-secure online ticketing platform that it says will benefit coach tourism operators as the market for day trips and holidays begins to reopen.

It has been christened WebTicketManager 360. The product delivers online cashless bookings, provision of social bubbles aboard coaches, pinpointing of passenger movements through ‘track and trace’ to permit the isolation only of those within close contact of any infection, and a rapid event disruption response.

Creation of ‘bubbles’ on coaches is done at the time that bookings are made. The function identifies an optimum seating allocation to maximise available capacity. WebTicketManager says that such an approach can allow the safe utilisation of up to 75% of a vehicle’s seats.

‘Track and trace’ in WebTicketManager 360 pinpoints movements

“Before, if someone on a coach tested positive for coronavirus COVID-19, everybody else onboard would have to self-isolate for 14 days,” says a spokesperson. “With our system, the only people that would need to self-isolate are those who have been within 2m of the person with a positive test for more than 20 minutes.

“Through the platform, we know who was in the seats around that person and they are the only ones that need to be contacted.”

Platform already taken up by some coach operators

Several coach operators have already signed up for WebTicketManager 360. The spokesperson adds that a further “powerful tool” from their perspective is the product’s ability to rapidly respond to disruption if local or national restriction levels are increased.

“The system will identify every affected booking and communicate with those customers. A voucher with a promotional code will be sent automatically, allowing them to rebook on a future tour. If that tour is set up already, the operator can move passengers across to it and new tickets will be sent to them.”

Adds David Wade-Smith of WebTicketManager: “Our product delivers a market-leading response as a COVID-secure ticketing solution. It enables attractions and event providers to maximise and manage their capacity with no additional investment cost or resource.”

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