Yellow Buses supports World Car Free Day with discounts and giveaway

Yellow Buses Alton

Yellow Buses is showing its support for World Car Free Day (taking place on 22 September) by offering a discount on its Flexible 5 ticket and taking part in a giveaway.

It comes as the Bournemouth conurbation is identified by TomTom’s traffic index report as one of the most congested parts of the country, with statistics suggesting congestion is back at pre-pandemic levels.

The ticket can be purchased through the mobile ticket section of the Yellow Buses app. It offers 5-day tickets which cover Yellow Buses’ ABC zones in the Bourenmouth, Christchurch and Poole area. The price of the ticket will be reduced from £20 (£4 per day) to £10 between 18-25 September.

The operator will also be partnering with Hot Radio on 22 September to give away 10 weekly tickets for the Yellow Buses network.

“Buses, even diesel-fuelled buses, are up to 10% cleaner than private cars; the latest Euro VI bus engines are less polluting than a modern car; and in some cases the air that comes out of the bus is actually cleaner than the air that goes in,” says Commercial Director for Yellow Buses Simon Newport. “In terms of numbers travelling, a full double-decker bus carrying 70 people can take up to 70 cars off the road. The more we can create modal shift and the more cars we take off the road, the easier it is for public transport to travel around the conurbation.”