A new Yutong GT12 is delivered to Napier Point

Liverpool-based Napier Point has taken delivery of its first new vehicle in the form of a GT12, supplied by Pelican Yutong (01924 227722).

The GT12 has 53 seats with a centre sunken toilet and it has been sign written into the Merseyside operator’s livery.

The new Yutong for Napier Point has replaced a TC12. It comes with the standard GT12 driveline of a DAF MX-11 engine rated at 450bhp coupled to a ZF EcoLife automatic gearbox.

Also included in the specification is Yutong’s LCD dash display, which creates all dials and readings digitally.

In the Pelican coach range, the GT12 will subsequently be complemented by the longer GT13. Currently it sits alongside the TC9 midicoach, and the full-size TC12 and battery-electric, zero-emission TCe12.