CPT Coach Strategy: Make your opinion count

Consider the used market for coaches. Some involved say it is slow; others say it is uncertain.

The latter word applies to a lot in the industry. But finally, it looks like those in positions of power are starting to realise the benefits that the sector can deliver.

Of course, a case could probably be made for a reduced government involvement. How Clean Air Zones in England are being handled could be better. The same could be said for bus franchising.

But if coach operators are to see an end to the uncertainty that surrounds their world, they could do worse than engage with the Confederation of Passenger Transport (CPT) as it formulates its strategy for the sector.

Members can have their say at CPT’s stand at Coach & Bus UK. Alternatively, they can utilise other channels of communication open with the Confederation.

The CPT Coach Strategy is not destined to be a half-job that, while well-intentioned, ends up gathering dust on a Whitehall shelf. CPT demonstrated with its bus strategy that it means business. That document is gaining media exposure. Things are starting to happen.

It is often said that the industry excels at helping fellow members in their hour of need. Now, that same approach is required to set a path for coaching’s future. When thought of long-term, contributing is just as important as coming to the aid of a fellow operator with a breakdown.