Doig’s of Glasgow adds a third Scania MOBIpeople

Doig’s of Glasgow has recently taken delivery of a third Scania K 320 with 74-seat MOBIpeople Explorer bodywork. All have been supplied by BASE Coach Sales and the latest coach is compliant with PSVAR.

The accessible Explorer (pictured, centre) has a lift immediately behind the front wheel. 74 seats and PSVAR compliance on two axles makes the latest MOBIpeople “a coach that will be used across our full range of hires,” says Doig’s Director Iain Forsyth.

“We purchased two Scania MOBIpeople Explorers earlier in 2020. They have been very popular with drivers and passengers alike. While we have been buying Scanias since the late 1990s, we have found the combination of Scania and MOBIpeople excellent. We had no hesitation in adding a third example to our fleet.”

Mr Forsyth adds that although the PSVAR-compliant Explorer has only been with the operator for a short period of time, it too has generated good feedback. “I would fully expect it not to be our last MOBIpeople addition, even during these present times.”