Guidance for return to use issued by Senior TC

Senior Traffic Commissioner (TC) Richard Turfitt (pictured) has further updated his emergency guidance. It includes principles relating to vehicles that are taken out of use during the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

The document clarifies that the PMI schedule for an out of use vehicle is paused during that period. It also recommends that a pre-use inspection is carried out prior to it being returned to service.

However the guidance from the Senior TC goes on to say that a vehicle that has exceeded its normal PMI period may instead be subject to “an enhanced walk-round check” carried out by a technically competent person (a technician “if possible”) before being returned to the road.

Vehicles that are over 12 years old and more than 50% or four weeks – whichever is greater – over their PMI cycle must receive a full inspection before returning to use. Additionally, no vehicle may be put into service if more than 17 weeks have passed since its last full PMI.