Liverpool City Region Metro Mayor praises bus operators


Steve Rotheram, Liverpool City Region Metro Mayor, has praised the work Liverpool bus operators are doing to tackle air pollution.

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He says: “Our aim is to live and work in a City Region where public transport is powered by green energy resources and there are increased opportunities for walking and cycling.

“The Combined Authority fully recognises the positive role buses can play in improving air quality, which is why buses with poor emissions in the Liverpool City Region are being phased out and replaced with low or zero emission buses.

“Every double decker bus we fill can take up to 75 cars off the road, which means less congestion and less pollution,  so we really want to encourage more people to leave their car at home and catch the bus, even if it’s just a few trips a week.”

“We have re-engineered 134 buses to reduce their emissions and are about to do a further 149. As a result, our buses have 30% lower emissions than a standard diesel bus. In fact, the latest buses in our fleet release less pollution than an individual diesel car.”