Operators keep vital services running during coronavirus crisis

 Alpine Travel and BusyBus among operators that are providing critical commuter travel 

Operators around the country have moved to redeploy vehicles to help key workers and the wider community. 

Cheshirebased operator BusyBus is supporting critical workers by redeploying its entire fleet and workforce resource to transport critical workers in healthcare, food production, police, power and some schools. 

Says Managing Director of BusyBus Peter Rosenfeld: “It is a time for realisation and acceptance that these are bad times and to unconditionally give back in supporting this great country as it did for us through the good times. 

“Now is the time for paid home-to-school contracts to be redeployed for the transport of critical care workers. We have been proactive in getting the message out there and distributed 5,000 leaflets to key figures.” 

Meanwhile, Alpine Travel has introduced a scheme to help the vulnerable and those self-isolating in the North Wales coastal region remain mobile.  

It is offering a free transport service to let passengers access shops and pick up prescriptions.   

Chris Owens, Managing Director of Alpine Travel, says: “Over the coming days we expect to see an uptake in the offer of our services, and we will collectively face this coronavirus challenge together. 

“I am confident that as the troubled times pass our business will go from strength to strength.  

I hope in some small way that this offer of free services for the community will help.” 

Both operators have taken steps to ensure vehicles and drivers are under strict hygiene routines to minimise contamination.