Reading BusesÊcracks down on vandals


Vandals who damage Reading Buses’ vehicles have been warned that they will be prosecuted and costs recovered.

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The operator ‘will not tolerate vandalism or intentional damage’

It comes after a man smashed the door on one of the buses and will now pay £327 to the company.

He was successfully held to account thanks to the extensive CCTV on the bus, both internal and external.

A spokesperson for Reading Buses says: “We will continue to work with the police to recover the cost of any damage caused and we will hold the individuals to account for their actions.

“We will not tolerate vandalism or intentional damage to our vehicles, nor abusive behaviour towards our drivers.

“It is really important that all of our vehicles have CCTV to cover both the outside and inside to ensure that all our customers and employees feel safe and secure when travelling with us. It has helped identify people in the past and has once again shown its worth here.”