Some London coach parking to be temporarily repurposed?

Some on-street coach parking spaces in London may be temporarily repurposed to accommodate the Streetspace plan, which will provide more room for cycling and walking.

Streetspace was jointly announced by Transport for London (TfL) and Mayor of London Sadiq Khan on Wednesday 6 May. It will see streets rapidly transformed to accommodate “a possible ten-fold increase in cycling and a five-fold increase in walking” as movement restrictions are eased but public transport capacity remains severely constrained.

Nothing concrete about any temporary changes to London coach parking has been confirmed. However, a TfL spokesperson says: “We are looking at all options for creating extra space for people walking and cycling. It may be the case that some coach parking spaces are reallocated while they are being used by fewer coaches.”

The Streetspace concept will involve three key changes:

  • The rapid construction of a “strategic cycling network” using temporary materials, including new routes
  • A transformation of local town centres to enable local journeys to be safely walked or cycled where possible, including wider footpaths
  • Reducing traffic on residential streets.

The schemes are initially temporary. They will be reviewed by TfL and could become permanent, however.