Stagecoach new livery unveiled by group

Stagecoach has finally unveiled its long-awaited new livery. Three new and complementary schemes will be introduced across the UK to suit the breadth of services that it operates.

Each design has been influenced by feedback from thousands of customers, the group says. Those respondents contributed thoughts on how the designs would suit them, and what will encourage them to use public transport more regularly.

Responses showed that 69% of customers often find it confusing to find the bus they want. Based on that, Stagecoach has created “a simplified and clearly colour-coded design.” The group promises that all 8,400 of its vehicles will be treated within three years.

Stagecoach new livery in three parts

Stagecoach’s roundel logo is retained as part of the new identity. However, the group says it has been “rejuvenated, modernised and simplified.” The ‘beachball’ will be adopted across everything that it offers.

Stagecoach new livery
A yellow livery will capture vehicles used on longer-distance Stagecoach services

Local buses will receive a blue, green and yellow version of the scheme.

Those used on “specialist” services – including park-and-ride, sightseeing and University routes – will make more of green.

Longer distance routes, including those operated by coaches, will be captured by a yellow-based livery.

Stagecoach says it is still evaluating whether the Gold identity will be absorbed by that scheme.

It is also unclear what will happen to zero-emission buses. At least one BYD ADL Enviro400EV for Manchester has been seen in overall green with route branding.

Rebrand heralds smarter travel, says Griffiths

Stagecoach Group Chief Executive Martin Griffiths says the new branding will be introduced together with further new buses including zero-emission models, “smart technology, and better journeys.”

Mr Griffiths adds: “We are modernising and simplifying our products and services to make bus travel the smarter and easier choice.

“Over the next year, our customers will start to see new innovations and intuitive changes to their Stagecoach services. We hope that will bring greater ease of use to all journeys.”