TruTac helps Coatham move to Earned Recognition

Teesside operator Coatham Coaches says its ambition to become part of the DVSA Earned Recognition (ER) scheme is close to being realised thanks to TruTac.

Over two years ago, Coatham installed CPT Tacho Analysis, powered by TruTac’s compliance control software.

It has allowed better record analysis, reduced administration and greater professionalism among drivers, says MD Mark Hodgson.

“The main reason we moved to TruTac was the excellent CPT Tacho Analysis product,” he explains. “As far as we could see, it was the best way to improve all-round monitoring and two-way consultation regarding all aspects of driver duties and standards.

“Moreover, the TruTac system is fully approved by and compatible with Earned Recognition – a direction in which the business is heading.”

Coatham found the transition to TruTac a simple one, he adds. CPT Tacho Analysis is cloud-based. Through real-time access, users can view concise compliance data on any connected device. Vehicle and driver card downloads are unlimited with no hidden charges.

“That makes life easy when it comes to accessing data,” adds Mark. “Whether it be for DVSA or routine operational requirements, it enables true compliance control.”