CPT President: ‘Support needs to remain for the future of the industry’

The backing of every operator and supplier is needed

As the industry continues to seek and rally support, unity is the only way forward for coach and bus

None of us, not least the government, could have envisaged that six months after the lockdown, we seem to be little further forward in fighting COVID-19.

The welcome measures put in place to sustain the economy were only designed for a few months as we all hoped this terrible virus would, by now, be in retreat. Surely, the limits of the government’s capacity to help are now in sight.

Uncertainties for all

From the industry’s point of view, we hoped this would be a short-term blip for a few months and things would get back to normal. The bus sector saw an almost immediate reduction in passenger numbers and therefore revenue, but this is only to be expected when everyone is told to stay at home.

The uncertainty has been even worse for the coach industry. We should not forget our suppliers either, as without demand there is no need for supply. We are all suffering, as are thousands of other industries, with very few sectors having benefitted.

Advocacy is everything

With all this in mind, we must be realistic that bespoke support for the coach industry is unlikely to be forthcoming and, despite the often-envied support for the bus industry, that sector is far from out of the woods either.

However, CPT will continue to press for help across the board with the support of the industry. We simply must capitalise on the increased awareness of our industry that has been so apparent over the summer. Politicians know much more about our sector, especially coach, than ever before. That can only be a good thing.

CPT and its members have been at the front and centre of the campaign to raise awareness and the conduit through which individual member companies have been kept informed and advised, by experts in their field.

That is priceless and, while the situation is as bad as any of us can remember, it would have been so much worse without CPT’s support and direct line into government.

‘The only way forward’

Whether you run one vehicle or many hundreds, the unified voice that CPT represents is the only way forward for an industry that must now seek the opportunities ahead. And, as it has always done, be there when needed, resilient and ready to pick up where it left off – battered but not beaten.

The whole industry needs to get behind the campaign to raise the esteem in which the coach and bus industry is held, led by a strong and united trade association with the backing of every operator and supplier.

Will you back our industry to enhance your future?