Bluestar creates ‘mobile beat’ with Hampshire police

Go-Ahead-owned Bluestar is welcoming uniformed police officers from Hampshire Constabulary onboard its buses, to make police services more accessible in Southampton.

Passengers will be able to chat to them, ask questions and raise concerns.

The scheme is being trialled on the 8 and 9 routes between 0830-1200hrs.

“Buses provide the perfect opportunity for people to chat informally with community police in a relaxed atmosphere,” says Bluestar Head of Communications, Nikki Honer.

“We see it as a sort of mobile beat surgery – providing easy access for anyone wishing to discuss local issues of any kind that police officers might be able to help with.

“And this fits in well with our chatty bus scheme, which is all about encouraging people to talk to each other.”

PCSO Connor De Mornay from Hampshire Constabulary adds: “This is an excellent opportunity for us to become even more visible and accessible within the local area.

“Sometimes, local people may have questions or concerns but don’t have time to come and see us. This way, they can have a chat while they are travelling to work or to the shops.

“On a bus, our team can talk to several people in one go – allowing us to help more local people than we may otherwise be able to do.

“Our officers are human beings, they are there to assist – and we’re very much looking forward to meeting bus passengers when the trial starts later this month."