Ticketer announces new Head of Hardware appointment


Nick Sutherland has been announced as new Head of Hardware at Ticketer.

Nick brings industry experience across hardware, software and international operations to the role and an engineering degree from Cambridge. He previously worked as Product Manager for Masabi.

In his new role, Nick will be responsible for the company’s Cambridge-based hardware team where new hardware and software for Ticketer will be developed.

The new appointment allows Richard Guy, one of the three founders of Ticketer, to retire.

John Clarfelt, Ticketer CEO, says: “Filling this role has been no mean feat. Richard designed the hardware that has been a key part of Ticketer’s success, and we owe him a huge debt of gratitude for his contribution.

“Nick has both the technical and commercial ability to support and help drive forward the work the company is doing on the development of the next generation hardware.”

“I am really pleased with Nick’s appointment,” he adds.