Anthony’s fleet is now protected by Wheely-Safe

Anthony’s Travel has adopted Michelin tyre safety technology across its fleet of coaches large and small.

Five Mercedes-Benz Sprinters and two Hyundai i800s have gained Tyre Pressure Management System (TPMS) Light Fleet, while all 10 of Anthony’s large coaches are equipped with TPMS Heavy Fleet.

The two products were designed by Michelin licensee Wheely-Safe. They offer a low-cost, highly-effective system that alerts drivers to the problems of wheel loss, brake/hub overheating and tyre under-inflation.

TPMS Light Fleet is an intuitive retrofit solution. Its robust sensors replace valve caps and they auto-pair with a solar-powered dashboard display.

That unit provides audible and visual alerts should a tyre become under- or over-inflated or suffer from fast leakage or an increase in temperature.

TPMS Light Fleet also allows the driver to check all tyre pressures in under a minute without needing to connect to a pressure gauge.

Anthony’s larger coaches now benefit from Michelin Wheel Security and TPMS Heavy Fleet. “It’s about raising the bar and doing everything we can to provide the safest service possible for our passengers,” says Managing Partner Richard Bamber.