Enforce drivers’ hours with new Novadata book

Novadata has introduced a Driver Reprimand Book, which it says is “an excellent way for operators to make a robust record of any reprimands issued to drivers over breaches of regulations.”

The A5 document allows the operator to record clearly and concisely any instances of current driving regulations not being followed, and it also allows Working Time Directive breaches to be recorded.

A tick box format, with space to write any actions agreed to be takes, ensures that the incident is traced simply and clearly, pinpointing both the infringement and any remedial measures taken.

The book is designed to form a constructive review of the incident from which both the driver and the operator can benefit, helping to reduce the likelihood of further infringements.

Using the book will also serve as an indication of whether further training is needed for the driver.

For each incident recorded, the employee in question should be given the top copy of their recorded reprimand as part of the investigation. The duplicate copy is retained within the book.

That provides a robust audit trail, demonstrating the organisation’s disciplinary processes.