‘Society cannot afford forced PSVAR compliance’

I am at a loss to find any responsible reason behind the PSVAR legislation, which is covered with gold-plated cobwebs. To implement it now is an extravagance. Society could not afford it when it was created and it certainly cannot afford it now.

The current cost to modify one coach to achieve PSVAR compliance is around £37,000. It is a further £17,000 to bring a Euro V coach up to Euro VI. This would put 95% of coach operators out of business.

I have a small coach company which hopes to celebrate 100 years in business in two years’ time. I have 14 53-seaters of various ages.

They operate in rural West Oxfordshire, from the villages to the nearest primary and secondary schools. Most journeys take around 20 minutes. Daily mileage is between 20 and 30. Many pick-ups are made from grass verges, or places with no access for anyone with a disability.

It should be remembered that if an operator is considering PSVAR compliant vehicles, they have only one wheelchair space. The present system instead provides specialised vehicles to take users to school, which is especially suitable during rain or snow.

My current fleet has 10 years’ normal operation left in it. That will be reduced to seven months if the above is enforced.

Richard Worth
Worths Motor Services
Enstone, Chipping Norton