21st Century ensures onboard technology works post-COVID

21st Century engineering teams have been working “around the clock” with operators to ensure that onboard technology systems are fully functional as more vehicles return to service.

The supplier has been collaborating with existing and new customers to provide system health check audits on fleets. “For many customers, our nationwide network of FITAS-accredited engineers is the support structure for onboard systems, not least CCTV,” says Director of Fleet Systems Mark Johnson.

“The systems we install are used anywhere from 18 to 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Ensuring that the equipment operators have invested heavily in is still working to optimum performance after an extended layoff is important. That’s especially so when entering a period when evidence gathering may be vital to safeguard the operator.”

Mark adds that an audit can take as little as 30 minutes if the system is in good working order. That allows many vehicles to be covered in a single shift. If a problem is detected that cannot be rectified there and then, 21st Century will arrange the stock and engineering provision to put it right.

As part of the preparations for vehicles re-entering service, 21st Century has seen a surge in requests for a demonstration of the Journeo Remote Condition Monitoring and Agnostic Video Management System applications.

By installing the Journeo Edge on-vehicle gateway, operators can enhance the capability of the CCTV systems they have already invested in, irrespective of manufacturer. They can access information from the cloud-based portal at any time and from anywhere. That gives an insight into the health of the CCTV systems in their fleets and allows secure online footage downloading.

Mark continues: “By connecting legacy systems to the Journeo Edge, whether that be Hikvision, Synectics, Timespace or any other manufacturer’s equipment, we can make them part of the Internet of Things and ensure that operators get operationally-critical information on the health of their systems and can download footage without having to visit the vehicle.

“Journeo Transit has been in development for some time. Operators are now starting to view the platform with real interest, seeing that it can make their operation safer while also saving time and money.

“We offer a fully-managed service alongside the platform to ensure that as soon as any system fault is detected, our engineering teams are alerted to the need for a service visit.”