A new approach to coach illumination from Labcraft

Labcraft is offering an external lighting system to coach fleets in a move to improve conspicuousness and safety during the night.

The Labcraft Si6 Scenelite illuminates the immediate vicinity around a vehicle during night-time manoeuvres and when passengers are looking to locate the vehicle in darkness.

The system has been deployed by Greys of Ely and fitted to an Irizar coach. Using six Cree LEDs, it produces 2,000 lumens of white light angled to maximise dispersion around the vehicle. The range is manufactured using solid aluminium and polycarbonate, then sealed in a polyurethane compound to prevent water ingress. It is ECE-R10 approved.

Greys of Ely Managing Director Richard Grey says the system helps ‘significantly’ when reversing in tight spaces and when passengers embark and disembark at night. Going forward, he says all new coaches in the operator’s fleet are to be fitted by the lights.

“We wouldn’t want to operate without it,” Mr Grey adds. “Primarily this is about passenger comfort and safety, but also with additional light cast on the ground around the vehicle, drivers can more confidently manoeuvre at slow speeds and with less risk of minor bumps and scrapes – which avoids potential repair costs while keeping vehicle downtime to a minimum.”