Alexander Dennis: Providing high-quality and reliable parts and service support

Reliability is top of its business agenda at Alexander Dennis (ADL) and is its guiding principle.

Its comprehensive parts and service operation, which is offered through ADL’s network of world-leading parts and service centres, mobile and field-based engineers, underpin the reliability of its vehicles in service.

ADL employs only the most experienced engineers who are fully trained in every aspect of ADL vehicles and can ensure its customers’ fleets deliver class-leading reliability for them and their passengers.

The growth of Alexander Dennis is attributable to its clear strategic focus – delivering lightweight, fuel-efficient vehicles with industry-leading reliability, lowest cost of ownership and world class aftermarket support.

ADL’s parts and service support programme includes: Guaranteed parts supply for all body or chassis products; over 30,000 parts lines held in stock for immediate delivery; 98% parts availability; full-vehicle refurbishment to extend vehicle life; and fixed price parts contracts for between one-10 years.