Camira Print ‘gives greater flex and freedom’ for textiles

Camira Print launched by manufacturer

Transport textile specialist Camira has launched Camira Print to complement its conventional weaving capabilities.

The new product utilises digital printing to provide customers with “an unparalleled level of flexibility and freedom when choosing the optimal textile for their coach or bus interior” and it removes many design constraints associated with woven textiles, says the supplier.

Camira Print fabrics can be created without restrictions on pattern repeats, scale or colour. They also significantly reduce lead times and minimum order quantities. A variety of design options allow buyers to choose from a range of readymade prints in standard colours, opt for custom colours, or create something entirely new in partnership with Camira’s design studio.

The supplier adds that the latter work can develop immersive advertising campaigns, recreate photographs and allow customers “to go as big as they like in terms of scale and as bold as they like in terms of colour.”

Each Camira Print creation is applied to a lightweight moquette fabric. With a velour finish, the textile has been created exclusively for digital print. It is woven from naturally sustainable wool to give “saturated colour and comfort.”