E P Morris releases modular software to help operators

EPM software is used by the ‘big five’ and several large independents. It’s software streamlines processes by bringing data together.

The Operational Performance Module enables operators to standardise depot operations by replacing ad-hoc spreadsheets and reducing paper records. It allows information to be shared between depots and departments, by integration with other modules within EPM’s Depot Performance system.

Key functionality includes:

  • Customer Service Management: Includes customer feedback recording, lost property system and KPIs to improve and monitor customer satisfaction
  • Incident management: Protects your reputation by closely managing incidents and providing insight for proactive risk analysis
  • Staff Performance Management: Staff records including complaints, incidents, disciplinary records and compliance (CPC, DVLA, DBS etc.)
  • Revenue Protection: Automatically creates events from the ETM data, saving time, plus tools to analyse network coverage
  • Vehicle allocation compliance: Automated monitoring of branded and other flagship routes.

For more information visit: www.epmorris.co.uk