Integration that delivers an indispensable all-round driver and management tool

Distinctive Systems is about to launch its brand-new driver app, which it says integrates seamlessly with its walk-round check mobile app and its online driver portal.

The firm says the combination of the above creates a single, truly indispensable tool for both coach drivers and the traffic office.

The new app will allow drivers to view a list of the bookings they have been allocated to.

On selecting a booking, the driver will be able to view its full details. They will then be guided through each stage.

When ready to start, the driver presses a button which confirms they are departing. The driver then presses the button during each pickup, and upon arrival at the destination.

With each press, the app records time and location. This will update the display with details of the next stage.

Distinctive Systems suggests that the most significant development might be the ability for the Coach Manager to raise an alert if a driver is late in setting off.

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