iPanel from Datik: An integrated fleet management system

iPanel is a simple, centralised and connected fleet management system that enables integration of CCTV, wi-fi, infotainment, operational control and telematic services.

Why iPanel?

Coach and bus operators are currently installing more on-board systems than ever before.

Some vehicles may have five or even six on-board systems running simultaneously, with several SIM cards, supplier contracts and a number of web and local access points to manage all areas of the business.

With iPanel, operators simply need one on-board system, one SIM card and one license contract.

It's that simple; it is estimated operators can save 50-70% of costs with such an integrated solution.

iPanel for coaches, includes an eight-camera CCTV system, with live streaming capability, wi-fi and advance tracking and telematics services.

iPanel for buses integrates wi-fi for passengers, information to passengers and advance vehicle monitoring services.