Ipswich Buses social distances with UrbanThings

Ipswich Buses has launched its own social distancing technology in partnership with UrbanThings.

UrbanThings’ solution is integrated into its smart mobility platform Ticketless, which captures live vehicle occupancy data to generate predictions of future crowdedness and feeds them directly back to the operator and passengers.

Ipswich is able to show passengers how busy a particular bus is, and how busy it will likely to be in the future when it arrives at their stop. It is hoped to encourage passengers back onto services and show them there is space to travel safely.

Steve Bryce, General Manager at Ipswich Buses said: “When we entered into our partnership with UrbanThings to develop our M-ticket and bus tracking app we didn’t just want a “one size fits all” off the shelf product but wanted a company that we could work with and add new features as they were developed or became needed. The live occupancy feature is the next step in the ongoing development of our app and will be an important tool in giving people confidence to use the bus and get our customers back on the bus.”

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