Move into the Light

With the rapid developments taking place in electric drive train technologies, emerging and established coach and bus manufacturers are starting to offer the industry increasingly viable electric coaches.

New modes of transport demand new thinking and technologies in all areas of the vehicle to enhance, elevate and create a brave new world of coach travel.

Light weight

Ultrafabrics specialises in the design and manufacture of luxury, high-performance polyurethane seating fabrics utilising innovative Takumi technology. Our intelligent materials are engineered and crafted utilising the highest quality polycarbonate resins and ingredients benefitting from the Japanese reputation for complete quality control.

Ultrafabrics image of Takumi Technology

Using Takumi technology to produce Ultrafabrics results in our fabrics being lightweight and surprisingly durable while retaining a luxurious feel.

The seating fabrics produced by Ultrafabrics are up to 50% lighter than natural leathers and 30% lighter than recycled leather. This results in weight savings of up to 25kg based on a 50-seat coach.

Any weight savings will of course extend the battery range of an electric coach, or potentially allow for additional equipment to be installed without impacting on performance.

Ultrafabrics decades of experience in supplying the aviation and automotive electric vehicle markets means we are ideally placed to be the perfect partner to supply luxury, durable, lightweight interiors for electric coaches.

Light colour

Traditionally coach interiors have taken their inspiration from the automotive sector, using practical darker coloured seating materials. The darker interior colour scheme has often been an operational necessity for ease of cleaning and maintenance.

Operators have tended to shy away from lighter coloured interiors, except for the most exclusive of uses, as light or white coloured seating materials have proven to be very difficult or impossible to clean.

The move to new drive technology allows a new concept for the interior, to differentiate the electric coach from the traditional ICE coaches by considering using white or light-coloured seating fabrics.

Ultrafabrics ‘PRO’ ink and stain resistance technology, which can be found in our Ultraleather PRO and Reef PRO fabric collections, provides unparalleled protection against stains and soiling.

Proven in the electric vehicle automotive industry on white coloured fabrics and in the coach industry in headrest areas, Ultrafabrics PRO technology enables even the heaviest of staining to be removed easily from our fabric.

By using alcohol-based cleaning agents, such as hand sanitisers, and then wiping away any residue with clean water, even ink and denim dyes can be removed from Ultraleather PRO and Reef PRO fabrics.

Offering passengers a light coloured interior provides a perception of luxury and cleanliness while instantly differentiating the electric coach from a traditional coach.

With Ultraleather PRO and Reef PRO Ultrafabrics can help provide that bold light-coloured interior which will set apart the new from the old.

Let’s not dream about tomorrow, let’s create it. Softer, better, stronger, more beautiful and higher performing Ultrafabrics is the answer to the human needs of a rapidly changing world. Ultra means beyond and we go there. Utilising pioneering technology for category defining performance Ultrafabrics provides the luxury, comfort, passenger wellbeing and safety for a new electric world. Ultrafabrics – Touch the Future.