Road Tech streamlines operations and helps to prevent infringements

Road Tech is demonstrating six innovative and integrated transport systems, including its new Download Optimisation Technology (DOT).

DOT automatically downloads vehicle and driver card data remotely, every day.

It then links directly with the digital dashboards of Tachomaster, which Road Tech says does away with the time-consuming task of manually chasing and downloading data. It also allows access and analysis instantly.

DOT also minimises infringements by alerting the Transport Manager 15 minutes before infringements occur.

With the system, operators can monitor drivers’ availability, work, rest and drive periods, as well as spot potential issues before they occur.

DOT assists in vehicle planning and utilisation, too. Operators can add optional vehicle tracking for an extra £5 per vehicle per month, including UK sims.

DOT is quick and easy to install, and Road Tech says there are no upfront hardware costs to factor in.

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