TotalKare: The value of maintaining vehicle lifts in the summer

Regular servicing helps prolong the life of mobile column lifts. As the old saying goes, prevention is better than cure, and regular servicing can help to mitigate potential issues before they arise. 

The advantage of this, when it comes to vehicle lifts, is that it keeps your lifts operational for longer. 

Servicing during quieter periods in the year is a ‘no brainer’ and enables you to approach busier periods with the confidence of knowing your lifting equipment is in peak condition and won’t let you down.

TotalKare’s servicing is thorough, with no fewer than 11 key checks undertaken on our mobile column lifts to ensure safe operation and that the integrity of load bearing components remains intact. 

TotalKare offers reports of thorough examination too, ensuring your lifts adhere to the standards set out by LOLER and PUWER. 

TotalKare also service third party lifts – call the team on 0121 575 2727 for more information.