TruTac introduces TruDocuments Premium upgrade

TruTac introduces TruDocuments Premium

TruTac has launched an upgrade for users of its TruDocuments platform, called TruDocuments Premium. It will help operators to better manage documents and “move ever closer to a completely paperless operation,” the supplier says. 

The upgraded system allows operators to make available to drivers via the TruTac app the likes of policies, handbooks, certificates and other literature. When published, those documents are instantly visible to all staff with access to the app; to a portion of the workforce as the employer sees fit; or to individuals. 

An audit trail is created by TruDocuments Premium. It highlights when documents have been sent, opened, returned and signed. That makes it “significantly more efficient” than paper and faster and more transparent and secure than email, TruTac says. 

Employees can also file their own documents via the platform and they can be sent a reminder to upload items as applicable. Training records, certificates and driving licences are examples used by TruTac. In the case of the latter, a newly recruited driver can take a picture of their licence and send it to the employer, as an example.

Operators can publish links to external websites via TruDocuments, rendering them instantly available to employees. It is also possible to automatically send documents on a calendar-based approach. As an example, if an employer wished to send its company handbook to drivers every six months, it would need to set up that capability only once. 

Says TruTac Managing Director Jemma James: “What we found during the pandemic was that drivers need more than attachments to an email or being handed pieces of paper in the office – or being given a driver handbook that was written 10 years ago and is out of date. 

“There had to be a better way of doing it. That is why we came up with the ability to segment documents, send them to drivers, and get them signed off with an audit trail. You can show not just that something has been sent, but also that it has been read and signed.”