Wheely-Safe upgrades include TPMS telematics connectivity

Wheely-Safe TPMS system now compatible with telematics

Wheely-Safe is making its intelligent tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS), wheel loss and brake temperature sensing technologies available for connection to vehicle telematics systems and CAN bus for the first time.

The use of telematics means that in addition to drivers receiving immediate alerts in the event of a loosening wheel nut, sticking brakes, hub failure or rapid tyre deflation being detected, those messages can also be relayed directly to the operator. That will allow them to contact the driver and ensure that immediate action has been taken.

In addition, notification of non-critical events, such as when a tyre has dropped slightly below optimum pressure, can be sent directly to the operations or engineering department. That will enable rectification work to be organised when the vehicle returns to base.

Says Wheely-Safe Managing Director Steve Jackson: “Fleets increasingly want everything running through their telematics. That brings huge advantages for the Wheely-Safe product. It means that we can provide access to real-time pressure and temperature data remotely, which can help to prevent breakdowns and take the guesswork out of organising tyre maintenance.”

Wheely-Safe telematics connectivity part of bigger series of upgrades

Wheely-Safe says the addition of telematics connectivity is part of “the biggest series of upgrades” that it has made to the product to date.

That work includes introduction of what Wheely-Safe says is the world’s first auto-calibrating internal TPMS sensor. It will eliminate the need for external valves if operators prefer.

It adheres to the rim of any size wheel and it can distinguish between internal pressure adjustments and genuine under-inflation or leakage. The device has a battery life of up to 10 years, dependent on vehicle utilisation.

Further product improvements introduced at the same time

Other innovations from Wheely-Safe include the keyring-sized WalkAround Checker. It can be held against any WheelySafe TPMS or wheel loss sensor and a series of red, orange or green lights report the sensor’s status.

An updated tyre pressure and brake temperature checker is now available for workshop staff. It gives them both immediate tyre pressure readings and the highest brake/hub temperature recorded in the previous 24 hours when held next to a sensor.

Wheely-Safe is also launching new wired and five-year battery-powered boosters for longer vehicles. They amplify the signals from sensors on the rearmost axles to ensure that they are received clearly by the cab unit.