Aftermarket solutions from Alliance Transport Technologies

Working on partnership helps the firm tailor answers to specific operator needs. It revealed its latest aftermarket solutions at Coach & Bus UK

Leading aftermarket solutions specialist Alliance Transport Technologies (ATT) launched two products at Coach & Bus UK this year.

The first is its E400HX energy storage system, a hybrid vehicle battery pack designed in response to cell degradation reported in some older Alexander Dennis (ADL) Enviro 400H models.

An augmented battery management system sits on top of the existing hybrid system and spreads the energy if modules die with a specially fitted circuit board and software programme.

The benefit, says ATT, is that the longevity of the cells is increased, and cell degradation is decelerated.

Stuart Raikes, Director of ATT, says the product has been the result of extensive research and development. “It fits exactly the same and uses the same chemistry – lithium ion,” he says. “However, the way it monitors and adjusts the charge cycle is by using live, or active, cell balancing. That slows down cell degradation.”

Mr Raikes says the packs have a theoretical life beyond the six to seven year mark typically seen in the current systems.

ATT is also in the research and development stage for aftermarket solutions to the Volvo B5LH.

The approach, says Mr Raikes, is to work closely with operators and find solutions.

“We create a product that suits a typical operator,” he explains. “It works on partnered research and development.”

Another key product ATT showcased was its fire suppression system.

The ATT Fire Suppression System is R107 regulated and scores 10 on the P-mark scale.

At 4kg, it also has the lowest agent weight of any approved system on the market and uses only four nozzles.

ATT has focused on reduction of whole life cost. By using a silicon-based powder, which does not settle with road vibrations, ATT has removed the need for agitation – the powder can remain in the vehicle for 10 years with regular visual services.

ATT also retrofits vehicles to Euro VI across the UK.