Easy to use daily checks for drivers in CPT partnership

CPT and its commercial partner TruTac launched its new product – CPT Daily Checks.

This easy to use app covers first use and all daily driver vehicle checks with CPT-approved templates. 

Key benefits include reduced vehicle downtime, clear audit trails, identification of vehicle defect trends, instant communication between workshop and office.

The system is paperless and secure and integrates seamlessly with CPT Tacho Analysis.

CPT members receive attractive discounts on CPT Daily Checks, while members who signed at the show received an additional 20% discount on first-year fees.

Peter Gomersall, CPT Deputy CEO says: “We’re proud to have worked with TruTac so closely while developing the new system – with industry-specific features and templates.

“Over 33% of our members already use CPT Tacho Analysis and we’re expecting the same high levels for CPT Daily Checks.”

Jemma James, Commercial Director at TruTac says: “CPT’s high operational and engineering standards provided the perfect knowledge base for CPT Daily Checks and we are delighted to launch the product at the show.”