Oxford Tube upgrade with 34 Plaxton Panorama ‘deckers

Stagecoach in Oxfordshire has ordered 34 Plaxton Panorama double-decker coaches for its Oxford Tube fleet. They will be introduced during the summer. Five of them will have solar panels to deliver what Stagecoach says will be greater fuel efficiency by powering on-board amenities.

The Panoramas, built on Volvo B11RLE chassis, represent an investment of £13m in the Oxford Tube fleet. They constitute the largest single order for coaches in Stagecoach’s history and are the first new vehicles for the Oxford Tube since 26 coaches were delivered in July 2014.

Oxford Tube customers will benefit from USB and wireless charging and “extendable tables” on each Plaxton Panorama. On-board information screens will also be fitted, as will enhanced wi-fi.

Says Stagecoach in Oxfordshire MD Chris Coleman: “Our team has been working behind the scenes to ensure that every opportunity to enhance the customer experience has been taken.

“Technology has moved forward so quickly. With the improvements being made to on-board messaging and wi-fi, I am sure that both regular and new customers will be happy that we have taken on their feedback for the new coaches.”

The Oxford Tube service to London is currently operated with a fleet of Van Hool Astromega double-deckers. Stagecoach already operates the Panorama in its Megabus and West Scotland fleets.