Delve into Dundee, the city of design


This year is set to be an exciting one for Dundee with the opening of the new V&A museum. Find out what groups can expect to see

Did you know that Dundee is the first UNESCO City of Design in the UK? What an apt museum to open in the city – V&A Museum of Design Dundee.

With the opening of V&A Dundee on 15 September, the city and overall country will be able to showcase its design brilliance like never before with this first ever dedicated design museum in Scotland.

Museum of Design

From the invention of waterproof fabric, and ultimately the waterproof raincoat by Charles Macintosh, to the television by John Logie Baird and the pneumatic tyre by John Boyd Dunlop – Scotland is a country of designers and innovators.

And for that, V&A Dundee is set to explore the country’s design heritage, past present and future.

Perched on Dundee’s Waterfront, there will be around 300 exhibits will be available to explore, and expect to find everything from architecture to fashion, healthcare to furniture, and engineering to video game design – there really is something for everyone to discover.

Groups will see hundreds of historically significant objects from the V&A collections, alongside various loans from across Scotland and around the world at the heart of the museum in the Scottish Design Galleries.

Such as a pair of Hunter wellington boots. Constructed of 28 pieces of 100% rubber, the famous boots were founded in Edinburgh in 1856. But it wasn’t always known as the famous brand it is today; it was originally called the North British Rubber Company.

As well as these permanent collections, the museum will host international touring exhibitions.

Entry to the permanent galleries will be free.

The first of the touring exhibitions is Ocean Liners: Speed and Style. “The first major V&A show exhibited in Scotland, it re-imagines the golden age of ocean travel,” says V&A Dundee. “You will be able to experience what it would have been like to step onboard one of these great ‘floating palaces’ of the past.” The exhibition will run from 15 September – 24 February 2019. Tickets will be required.

Not only can visitors expect to see incredible displays of design history, but will also find a daily programme of design-led events and activities for groups of all ages.

It will definitely be an exciting addition to all itineraries when visiting region.

Discovery awaits

Following a visit to the V&A’s Ocean Liner exhibition, just adjacent to the beautifuly designed museum is one of Dundee’s must-see sights: RRS Discovery.

“Made in Dundee, designed for adventure,” Discovery Point tells the story of an amazing Antarctic expedition with Captain Scott and the voyages beyond.

The Discovery was launched in 1901, arriving at the winter quarters in Antarctica the following year. After multiple expeditions and voyages to USA, Russia France, Spain Holland, Canada and Turkey – it was returned to Dundee in 1986 and berthed in Victoria Dock. Since 1993 it now takes up permanent berth at Discovery Point.

As you explore the self-led museum at your own pace you will:

  • Find out about ‘Scott of the Antarctic’ and explore the crews’ quarters and the Officers Wardroom
  • Discover more about the ships voyages and journeys after The Discovery Expedition
  • Discover the unique design features of the first ship built for scientific research in Antarctica
  • Learn about the first voyage of Discovery to the most inhospitable place on the earth
  • Walk in the footsteps of Heroes and climb aboard one of the most incredible ships ever built.

Group rates are available for 15 people or more.

City of art

V&A Dundee will also house original Beano artwork from the Dundee publisher DC Thomson. Dundee has a few Beano and Dandy sights located in the city, including its very own Bash Street in the city's West Marketgait area, named in honour of the comic’s Bash Street Kids.

While also in area, expect to find Dandy’s Desperate Dan with Dawg, and The Beano’s Minnie the Minx standing on Dundee High Street. It’s one of the most popular photo opportunities in the city.

Museum of Transport

No visit to Dundee would be complete without a visit to its transport museum.

With an extensive collection of a range of vehicles, it aims to tell the stories of local transport pioneers.

Learn about Dundee’s tram network, railway and marine history, as well as cars, commercial vehicles and buses.

There is tearoom, and gift shop on site – perfect to relax after a busy day sightseeing.

Groups of 10+ adults receive 25% discount (pre-booking required).

Coach parking

30-minute drop-off and pick-up

  • Crichton Street (Caird Hall), DD1 3AP, 2 Spaces
  • Discovery Point, DD1 4XA, 2 Spaces
  • East Whale Lane (Olympia), DD1 3JU, 1 Space
  • Meadowside, Howff (McManus), DD1, 1DA 2 Spaces
  • Miln St (Verdant Works), DD1 5DD, 2 Spaces

Unlimited stay 24-hour secure parking

  • Greenmarket (Dundee Science Centre), DD1 4QB, 5 Spaces
  • Market St (Dundee Museum of Transport), DD1 3LA, 1 Space

24-hour secure parking

  • Xplore Dundee 44-48 East Dock Street, DD1 3JS
  • Must be booked in advance: 01382 340015