Competing can help give ‘clarity over career path’

DVSA confident IRTE Skills Challenge gives direction and purpose to coach and bus technicians

Competing in the IRTE Skills Challenge can give participants clarity over their career path, according to DVSA CEO Gareth Llewellyn.

The GB regulator is a supporter of the bus and coach competition for apprentices and technicians and plays a major role in the testing phase by devising new tests each year.

“It’s amazing to go down and see all of the people competing there – the desire to improve and the level of enthusiasm and ambition. It’s an absolutely fantastic day.”

The Skills Challenge allows competitors to assess their own progress and it provides some context to how they will develop in their careers, says Mr Llewellyn.   

“Again, what it says to an apprentice is that the other competitors are in the same position. And then there are full technicians so, with effort and good training, you can see how you can progress in the industry beyond the apprenticeships; it gives clarity about a career path. In an individual company, you may not necessarily see that,” he adds. “The Skills Challenge is a great way of seeing what their future could be in the industry, and that’s really positive.”

The future of the sector is in safe hands provided there is enough foresight to keep ahead as new technology moves the industry to unknown territory, according to Mr Llewellyn.

“What the Skills Challenge does is address all these things going on in your sector; there are people there that are able to inspect at this level and have technical skills that will see you through the changes ahead. And therefore, it sets an expectation in each of the businesses that that’s where you expect your people to be,” he says.