Groeneveld investing in the future with IRTE Skills Challenge

Just as the technicians and apprentices of the Skills Challenge invest in their own futures, Groeneveld Lubrication Solutions is doing the same by supporting it.

Sponsors of the Skills Challenge for several years, Groeneveld recognises that many of the competitors at the event will be taking up positions at the top of coach and bus organisations in the years ahead.

“We see it as an investment in the future for us, as well as giving something back to the people who are actually competing,” says Richard Hamper, Sales Manager at Groeneveld.

Groeneveld, which will re-launch its Fluidmaster and Oilmaster 3 monitoring systems this year, is planning for the years ahead by building strong relationships with its clients, many of which have submitted teams for the competition.

“We recognise that these competitors taking part are going to be the engineering managers and directors of the future, so it gives us that longevity and maintains the good relationships within the businesses that we deal with. We want them to recognise the name of Groeneveld and what our product offering is,” said Richard.

“It’s a matter of supporting our customers that put teams into the competition. All the major engineering directors that we deal with will be at the testing event and awards, so it’s interesting to see their visions of what they’re trying to do with their businesses.”

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