Sponsored content: Practical cycle awareness training for drivers from Cycling Scotland

Cycling Scotland, funded by Transport Scotland, is the nation’s cycling organisation. Working with others, it helps create and deliver opportunities and an environment so anyone anywhere in Scotland can cycle easily and safely.

The training will allow drivers of large vehicles to step into the shoes of more vulnerable road users, including those on bikes, on foot and those with disabilities to provide them with a greater understanding of their needs.

Being JAUPT-accredited, this course counts towards seven hours of driver CPC. Practical cycle awareness training for drivers (PCAT) also meet FORS (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme) Silver requirement ‘S5 Vulnerable road user training’.

Participants will spend time in the classroom, followed by a practical cycle training session to familiarise themselves with travelling by bicycle, foot, motorcycle and scooter. By learning basic on-road cycling skills, carrying out bicycle safety checks and negotiating road junctions and traffic, fleet drivers gain a better appreciation of the safety considerations from various road users’ perspectives.

Funded PCAT offers include:

• Free taster sessions – Cycling Scotland offers fully-funded PCAT taster days to fleet operators to showcase the benefits of the course, with ongoing support to enable them to embed PCAT within existing training centres. All equipment and trainers are provided free of charge. Maximum of 24 drivers per session.

• Fully funded opportunity – Cycling Scotland will partner with fleet operators who commit to embed Practical Cycle Awareness Training in their in-house CPC training centres. We will provide support to develop and register your own course, support to train your CPC trainers as cycle instructors, and provide two days of free training to your drivers from our own expert instructors.

The course – Participants will spend 3.5 hours in the classroom and 3.5 hours in a practical cycle training session time on road.

Training elements – Cycling Scotland will supply all elements of the course, including theory trainers, cycle trainers, upload fees to JAUPT, risk assessment of cycle training route, bicycles and helmets.

To find out more information or book a free taster session, please email training@cycling.scot or visit our website at www.cycling.scot/training

4/5 Participants agree that Practical Cycle Awareness training gives professional drivers a much better understanding of bicycle users’ behaviour.

Benefits of Attending:

  • Enables drivers to act in a way which will keep them and those around them safer and makes them aware of their responsibilities
  • Helps drivers to be more aware of a cyclist's perspective
  • Promotes better driving practices
  • A healthier and fitter workforce

Cycling Scotland has supported many organisations through this process including Glasgow City Council and Lothian Buses, assisting them to support more than 1,000 drivers to complete CPC hours.