LDV makes its plans for Euro 6 and beyond

LDV UK and Ireland, supplier of the 14-seat V80-based Mini-B, has revealed that the first of a new model with a 5,000kg GVW will arrive in the UK in Q4 2019.

That gives the potential for more passenger seats and the supplier does not rule out offering factory conversions on the new platform, which will be 6.68m long and 2.06m wide.

The existing V80 will soon be upgraded to Euro 6b standards using the existing 1.9-litre engine, says General Manager Mark Barrett.

Later, and to go with the launch of the 5,000kg GVW model, a new 2.0-litre Euro 6d unit will debut with theoretical outputs of up to 214bhp and 480Nm, although it’s likely that they will be reduced slightly.

Additionally, from 2019 LDV will also offer an automated gearbox. It will also make the heavier variant available for conversions, says Mr Barrett.

“We hold the existing Mini-B in stock for immediate dispatch; we can have one on the ferry from Dublin the same day,” he adds.

Both front- and side-entrance layouts are available and in the former case, a plug door can be specified.