Optare next-gen EVs to debut in South Wales

The first production examples of the next-generation battery-electric Optare Metrocity EV and Solo EV will enter service this summer with Stagecoach South Wales, the manufacturer has confirmed.

In the updated Metrocity EV, Optare has used the same battery technology as in its Metrodecker EV. It will deliver a 150-mile range on one charge in winter conditions.

A 250kW UQM motor is coupled to a two-speed Eaton gearbox and the whole drive system is housed in what would be the engine compartment. AC or DC charging can be completed in five or three hours respectively.

The new Solo EV package comes with 240kW/h of onboard energy capacity. It is currently available in 9.2m standard width buses and uses the same drive system as the revised Metrocity EV.

In the medium term, Optare plans to adopt hub motors across its single-deck EV buses when suitable systems become available. The Metrodecker EV already has hub motors.