VDL unveils Futura FHD2 at 13.5m on two axles


‘Huge luggage space’ and 63 seats come as FHD2 range grows; information on UK availability awaited

The 13.5m VDL Futura FHD2-135 seats up to 63 passengers on two axles

VDL Bus and Coach has grown its popular Futura range with an extended variant of the two-axle FHD2, the 13.5m FHD2-135.

The company says that the FHD2-135 – which follows the lower-height FMD2-135, which was introduced in left-hand drive form in 2016 – will at 63 seats offer “an arrangement that is unique on two axles.”

Nothing has yet been announced about whether the FHD2-135 will come to the UK, where if so it would complement the existing 12.2m and 12.9m FHD2-122 and FHD2-129 models respectively.

VDL adds that the FHD2-135 has up to in excess 12m3 of underfloor luggage space and that it is “ideal for first-class travel, from day trips to multi-day trips abroad.”

All of the 600mm of additional length is within the wheelbase, with the FHD2-135’s front and rear overhangs identical to the shorter FHD2 coaches’. A low unladen weight is retained, VDL says.

The new variant is described by VDL as being “very easy to manoeuvre.” The manufacturer’s literature shows that it has a turning circle of 23.5m compared with 22.1m of the FHD-129.

DAF’s MX-11 engine rated at 370bhp is the standard engine offering, although a 440bhp setting is optional.