Webinar: Answering the driver shortage with CPT and Zeelo

Zeelo’s Zeedrive initiative is helping to tackle the driver shortage in the industry. Working closely with operator partners and utilise new strategies to improve recruitment efforts. In this on-demand webinar, the CPT and Zeelo will dive into what can be done to improve recruitment in the industry with initiatives such as Zeelo’s ZeeDrive.

Zeelo, the smart bus platform, is helping coach operators across the UK utilise their fleets and drivers. Thanks to the success of our operator partnerships, Zeelo has grown 1000% in the last 18+ months. But there is more to come.

We work with organisations and schools to provide route planning and optimisation, online booking platforms and apps, vehicle management, and flexible ticket and payment solutions for everyday journeys on public transport.

Find out how you can partner with Zeelo and how we are working hand in hand with our partner operators to grow together.

Date: On Demand


  • CPT Introduction
  • Who Zeelo is and what they are about?
  • How Zeelo has grown their business with their operator partners
  • How Zeelo helps organisations
  • What is Zeedrive and how can it help you
  • Understand the driver shortage and why Zeedrive is part of the solution


CPT Operations Director – Keith McNally 

Head of Operations – George Grundy

George has been at Zeelo for the past couple of years helping to grow the business from small regional operations to a national scale. George has worked in the transport industry all his career from standard depot operations to launching demand responsive and innovative services across the UK.

To watch a recording of this webinar click here

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