White Paper: The challenges of electrifying your bus garage or depot and how ESP can help

The Challenges of Electrifying Your Bus Garage or Depot and How ESP Can Help.

The challenges of electrifying your bus garage or depot and how ESP can help.

The journey to electrifying your bus garage or depot is complex with many different stakeholders involved. Providing the necessary electrical infrastructure to support the charging requirements of your fleet can be confusing a technical minefield where you may not know a lot of the questions and implications, never mind the answers! Please use this White Paper to guide you through the key milestones and illustrate how ESP can help provide clarity and remove the complexity from the journey.

  • What amount of power do I need to electrify part or the whole of my fleet of buses?
  • How do I secure the power to my garage or depot?
  • How much will it cost to not only secure this capacity but also deliver the project?
  • Who will install the electrical infrastructure to physically bring the power my garage or depot?
  • How much will the installation cost me to maintain once it’s up and running?

ESP are a leading Independent Distribution Network Operator (IDNO), established over twenty years ago as an original entrant into the market, we now own and manage over 900,000 electricity and gas connections across the UK.

With no construction arm of our own, we work with a significant number of Independent Connection Providers (ICP) to adopt and maintain the new electrical connections that they have built.

ESP are experts in both Residential, and the Industrial and Commercial connections markets, and having used this experience, knowledge and expertise to not only become early adopters of networks for Electric Vehicle charging, in bus and other sectors, but have also developed a market leading proposition ESP are working with Bus and Coach Operators, and Electric Vehicle Charge Point Operators nationwide, to support and deliver their new Electric Vehicle charging projects

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