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December 19 2018

Sponsored - New year: Time for an upgrade for
fleets running Allison transmissions

Allison Transmission is urging UK bus fleet operators using its fully-automatic transmissions to consider upgrading to an xFE-equivalent model with Fuel Sense 2.0 software.

Fleets across the world have reported significant fuel savings in real life operation, with the new transmissions contributing to lower total cost of ownership. In the UK, the upgrade opportunity applies to any bus with an existing Allison T2100 Series transmission from ADL, Optare or Wrightbus.

In September, Optare announced it would be integrating Allison fully-automatic transmissions with xFE fuel saving technology into all its single-deck buses as standard equipment. This followed independent testing and the launch of the Optare Metrocity xFE midi-bus in 2016, which was subsequently added to the list of Low Emission Bus (LEB) accredited vehicles.

Allison’s xFE transmissions feature the latest advances in fuel-saving technology. Incorporating optimised gear ratios coupled with the FuelSense® Max package, xFE transmissions have been designed to deliver significantly more lock up operation and operate at lower engine speeds in higher ranges for further fuel economy improvements.

Through a set of proprietary software enhancements, FuelSense 2.0 uses DynActive Shifting to provide the bus with an infinitely variable combination of shift points. Rather than relying on fixed points on a shift table, FuelSense 2.0 uses a learning algorithm to continuously find the ideal balance of fuel economy and performance for the duty cycle, helping bus fleets to operate more efficiently.

The FuelSense 2.0 Plus and Max packages include an improved Neutral at Stop feature; the FuelSense 2.0 Max package includes enhanced Acceleration Rate Management.

Allison is currently undertaking further trials with UK fleets and will publish details shortly.

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