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January 11 2017
By Tim Deakin

Tim is the Senior Journalist at routeONE magazine is also the title’s chief test driver, with considerable vehicle knowledge

Manage your tyres with Vacu-Lug's assistance

The latest revision of Vacu-Lug’s real-time, web-based VMS system has been released, furthering its ability to capture detailed information on tyre-related service activities.

In particular, it has added a self-authorisation function, allowing customers to validate and authorise any work that has been carried out on their vehicles from their own computer.

The VMS system provides complete transparency and takes away the hassle of having to deal with suppliers directly. Customers are now able to accept or reject their own pending authorisations and query transactions if necessary.

Where a customer queries a job is queried, or requires more detail, they fill in a comments box and clarification will come from the VMS team.

Although originally intended for recharging vehicles not on a contract, or for those extra vehicles added on an ad-hoc basis to a fixed-price contract, self-authorisation has now been adapted to work for pay-as-you-go customers as well, thus allowing them to control expenditure on all of the vehicles in their fleet.

This development will improve consistency and prevent errors while giving “absolute transparency,” says Vacu-Lug.

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