Imperial Engineering helping industry that provides critical infrastructure to UK economy

John Dwight, Imperial Engineering Sales Director

Public transport will play a key role if the UK is successful in cutting harmful emissions, according to Imperial Engineering, a supplier of coach and bus parts to the industry for over 50 years.

Getting people back onto buses after the pandemic was a challenge, but Imperial Engineering is encouraged by how the government is supporting the sector.

“I agree with way government has funded it,” says John Dwight, Imperial Engineering Sales Director. “A reliable and frequent transport service cuts down the need for people to use private cars and it’s part of the critical infrastructure of the UK.”

After the coach and bus sector played such a crucial role in helping people continue travelling to work during the pandemic – particularly health service workers – it reinforced the idea that the close-knit industry was again working collectively.

“There’s a sense that we’re all in it together,” adds Mr Dwight. “Bus garages were open throughout country and bus drivers put themselves at risk for the greater good. As a supplier we played a small part in that.”

Imperial Engineering will sponsor the IRTE Skills Challenge in 2022, once again providing support for an initiative it believes has helped attract young people to the sector.

“It’s a great opportunity for coach and bus technicians and apprentices; there’s absolutely nothing like it. We’ve always promoted and believed in the Skills Challenge. It improves standards, raises awareness, and is a key factor in driving people towards the industry.

“For young people, it’s an attractive career route, particularly given the way technology is moving on. It has become a lot more technical – it’s not dirty engineering any more. It’s also a steady job because transport is always going to be here. Although the industry is changing, there is still job security.”

As Imperial Engineering has grown in size and stature, its business model has adapted to the needs of the market. Now, after more than 50 years at its current site, the company will move to new premises within the next year.

“Despite the challenges we’ve faced, we’re due to move premises within the next 12 months. We’ve been at this site since 1971, so it’s a once in lifetime move that allows us to meet the modern needs of business. We’ve moved towards a distribution-based business and it’s an exciting time for us all,” says John.

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