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Transport Benevolent Fund - 2019
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June 26 2019
By Jessamy Chapman

DfT quarterly report: Bus use falls again

Local bus passenger journeys in Great Britain have decreased by 1%, to 4.79bn journeys, in the year to March 2019, compared with the previous year.

Bus use down overall, but increased by 3.2% in Wales

The Department for Transport (DfT)'s quarterly report says that bus use in England outside London in this period decreased by 0.7% to 2.11bn journeys, continuing the decline since 2009.

Meanwhile London bus use has declined by 1.2%, to 2.2bn journeys. However, London bus use is still 10% higher than in the year ending March 2007.

In Scotland, bus use decreased by 2.8% to 380 million journeys, but in Wales it increased by 3.2% – to 100 million journeys.

However, passenger numbers for Q1 2019 were higher than for Q1 2018, for the first time in five years.

Meanwhile bus fares have increased by 3.1% in Great Britain – and by 4.4% in England outside of London – in the last year, when the rate of inflation is 1.9%. The biggest fare increases were in English non-metropolitan areas.

Between March 2005 and March 2019, bus fares in England have increased by 77%, against an overall inflation rate of 38%.

On average, they have increased by 2.7% annually in that period, at a rate similar to rail fares.

But the DfT says the price of buying a vehicle has also increased by 2.7% annually, and the price of fuel by 2.9%.

Download the report here

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